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Qualcomm starts shipping 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragons

Posted by – 01/06/2010


Qualcomm’s has just started shipping its latest generation chipsets to manufacturers. Offering two application processor cores running at 1.2 GHz, integrated graphics core and 1080p video encoding those should become available on high-end smartphones in the near future.

The Snapdragon MSM8660′s integrated graphics core supports OpenGL 2.0 and allows 1080p video recording and playback. The maximum display resolution support is extended to 1280×800 pixels with 24-bit color. The other features of the chipset include an integrated GPS receiver and dual-mode HSPA+/CDMA and 1xEV-DO Rev. B capabilities.

Dell Aero is ‘the lightest’ Android phone yet, poses for pictures

Posted by – 23/03/2010


AT&T’s teaser site for the Dell Aero has gone live and we can now fill in a few more gaps in our knowledge about this forthcoming handset. It’s looking every bit the renamed Mini 3 we thought it was, so click here and here to get a closer look at the body of the device.

The official web mouthpiece confirms a 3.5-inch screen with nHD resolution — which may or may not signify the same 640 x 360 as on the Brazilian and Chinese versions — and one definite point of departure, a 5 (rather than 3) megapixel camera on the back.

iPhone raises Privacy concerns: it records screenshots every time you hit the home button

Posted by – 10/03/2010


iPhone hacker, author, and data forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski, aka. “NerveGas”, revealed a major privacy issue with the iPhone on a webcast yesterday. He disclosed that every time a user pushes the Home button on the iPhone it takes a screenshot of whatever you are doing at that moment. This is done so that Apple can create that cool, page disappearing animation they have. The problem is that these screenshots are saved and can be recovered using basic iPhone forensic techniques like the ones that Zdziarski writes about in his new book.

Eternal Code is now mobile-internet compatible!

Posted by – 09/03/2010

How this site should look in a mobile browser (Opera Mini is demonstrated here).

Thanks to Crowd Favorite and Carrington Mobile, Eternal Code is now mobile-device compatible.

Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 gets ported onto Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1

Posted by – 17/02/2010


Not even a fortnight after we saw Android 2.0.1 slapped onto Sony Ericsson’s all-but-forgotten Xperia X1, along comes a port that makes the other look like child’s play.

A dedicated coder over at XDA Developers has managed to stuff Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 onto an X1, and while the functionality is limited (as you’d expect), the amount of fun to be had is restrained only by your imagination (and available vacation time).

Go on and peek that source link to join the discussion — but be warned, you’ll be sucking down over a gigabyte worth of data before the first installation process.

There Are 6.5 Billion People and Almost 5 Billion Cellphone Subscriptions In This World

Posted by – 17/02/2010


On a planet with around 6.8 billion people, we’re likely to see 5 billion cell phone subscriptions this year.

Reaching 4.6 billion at the end of 2009, the number of cell phone subscriptions across the globe will hit 5 billion sometime in 2010, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The explosion in cell phone use has been driven not only by developed countries, but by developing nations hungry for services like mobile banking and health care.

Adobe confirms no Flash in Windows Mobile 7

Posted by – 15/02/2010


Look, it’s pretty clear that Windows Mobile 7 will be revealed by Microsoft at Mobile World Congress. We’ve been feeding on a veritable feast of WinMo7 rumors for several months now all pointing to Steve Ballmer’s keynote scheduled for 3PM Barcelona time (9AM in New York). Now Adobe has issued a statement apparently confirming what we’ve already heard: Windows Mobile 7 will not support Flash. Unfortunately, the actual quote carried by Phone Scoop doesn’t mention Windows Phone 7:

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 exhaustedly previewed, screenshotted to death

Posted by – 09/02/2010


While we patiently wait for the X10 to make its way into retail channels (or, you know, give up and buy something else instead), mobile-review’s Eldar Murtazin has come through once again with one of his world-famous eleventy billion page previews rife with thousands of screenshots, which should take you long enough to skim through so that the phone’s available by the time you’re done.

Motorola MOTOSPLIT Splits This Way, Splits That Way

Posted by – 07/02/2010


Motorola claims they’re coming out with a couple dozen Android phones in 2010, and with a crop so big a few of them are bound to be pretty weird. This render suggests that the MOTOSPLIT might be one of those.

Like the Samsung Alias 2 before it, the MOTOSPLIT shown here sports a keyboard that has tiny touch screens for keys, though this one has the unique ability to slide out in landscape or portrait orientation. Depending on the way its being held, or maybe the application its running, the mini screens update on the fly. Neat!