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UK media are trying to set up a copyright firewall

Posted by – 22/06/2011

[via, originally written by Dean Wilson]

UK media cartels are trying to set up a great firewall of Britain against copyright infringement, according to a confidential document seen by Slightly Right of Centre (SROC).

The eight-page document, entitled “The Potential for a Voluntary Code”, reveals that the Premier League, the Publishers Association, the British Phonographic Institute, the Motion Picture Association and a number of other groups have formed a coalition to lobby minister for communications Ed Vaizey for changes to the UK’s copyright enforcement policies.

Harvard profs trash ACTA, demand oversight, threaten lawsuit

Posted by – 27/03/2010


Harvard Law School professors Lawrence Lessig and Jack Goldsmith took to the op-ed page of the Washington Post today to slam the Obama administration’s approach to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)—and to threaten a lawsuit if ACTA is signed without Congressional oversight.

The US has positioned ACTA as an executive agreement rather than a treaty. Such a move means that ACTA doesn’t need Senate approval, but it also means that the agreement should not alter US law, either. If you want to change the law, you go to Congress.

Pirate vs Pay

Posted by – 13/03/2010


Digital Economy Bill signals end of free WiFi

Posted by – 01/03/2010


The administrative overhead in offering customers free Internet access could become to much to bear if the Digital Economy Bill goes forward.

The Digital Economy Bill – which aims to curtail file sharing by introduction stronger sanctions against those found trading in copyright material, up to and including disconnection from the Internet – could have an unfortunate side effect: the death of the free, open wireless access point.

Lillian Edwards, professor of Internet law at Sheffield University, is quoted by ZDNet as stating that the scenarios detailed in an explanatory document produced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills would “outlaw open WiFi for small businesses.

The Last DVD and Blu-Ray Ripping Guide You’ll Ever Need

Posted by – 28/02/2010

[via, originally written by Will Smith]

We’ve become so accustomed to the ease and convenience of iTunes and blink-and-you-miss-’em CD rips that we forget how in the mid-1990s, ripping a CD was a time-consuming process fraught with peril. Shoot, ripping a single disc to a 128Kbps MP3 could take eight hours on a 200MHz Pentium! Fast forward a decade and faster hardware and better software have made CD ripping so mainstream your mom does it.

The Secret World of Private BitTorrent Trackers

Posted by – 20/02/2010


Somewhere on the web is the ultimate music site. It has virtually every album, EP and single ever released in a variety of high-quality formats with insanely fast download speeds. You’re probably not allowed in.

The Pirate Bay is dead. So is TorrentSpy, MiniNova, Suprnova and many other public BitTorrent trackers. But the most savvy and obsessive file hoarders don’t care about that stuff; they wouldn’t be caught dead using public trackers.