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Mozilla confirms 0-day Firefox flaw

Posted by – 23/03/2010


The Mozilla Foundation has confirmed the existence of a critical zero-day vulnerability in its popular Firefox web-browser – but says a fix won’t arrive before the end of the month.

Posting on its official security blog, the Foundation confirmed a vulnerability which it has “determined to be critical and [which] could result in remote code execution by an attacker.

The good news? The Foundation has already developed a fix, which is currently undergoing quality assurance testing prior to a general roll-out. The bad news? That roll-out isn’t due for at least a week, potentially leaving Firefox users vulnerable to attack.

Microsoft plans antipiracy update for Windows 7

Posted by – 10/03/2010


An optional update to Windows closes a number of hacks that counterfeiters have used to bypass the product activation technologies built into Windows 7. With the update, Windows will try to restore Windows to its proper state, as well as marking tampered versions as non-genuine copies of the operating system.

Microsoft said on Thursday that it is planning an update to Windows 7 that will close a number of loopholes that counterfeiters had used to thwart the operating system’s built-in anti-piracy measures.

iPhone raises Privacy concerns: it records screenshots every time you hit the home button

Posted by – 10/03/2010


iPhone hacker, author, and data forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski, aka. “NerveGas”, revealed a major privacy issue with the iPhone on a webcast yesterday. He disclosed that every time a user pushes the Home button on the iPhone it takes a screenshot of whatever you are doing at that moment. This is done so that Apple can create that cool, page disappearing animation they have. The problem is that these screenshots are saved and can be recovered using basic iPhone forensic techniques like the ones that Zdziarski writes about in his new book.

Oh, Those Robot Eyes!

Posted by – 10/03/2010


Willow Garage is organizing a workshop at the IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2010 in San Francisco to discuss the intersection of computer vision with human-robot interaction. Willow Garage is the hardware and open source software organization behind the Robot Operating System (ROS) and the PR robot development platform. Here’s a recent video from Willow Garage of work done at the University of Illinois on how robots can be taught to perceive images:

How to Disable and Deactivate Spam Filter Protection in Gmail or Google Mail

Posted by – 09/03/2010


Gmail or Google Mail as known in UK and Germany comes with a very good spam filter which scans all incoming emails and move the mail messages that are identified as spam to Spam folder (label as Spam). All spam-tagged email messages in the Spam folder are then automatically deleted, pruned and purged from the mailbox after 30 days.

$200 Chrome OS Tablet by Freescale

Posted by – 09/03/2010


So it does exist. I had heard that there was going to be a Chrome OS tablet at the Mobile World Congress, and sure enough we finally see in a somewhat lengthy video the folks from Freescale showing off their prototype with a 7″ screen. This was the same model that was shown at CES running Android. The cost? Around $200, running on hardware in the form factor of their model known as the i.MX51. The video shows some locally cached video playback in HTML5:

Inside the Excruciatingly Slow Death of Internet Explorer 6

Posted by – 02/03/2010


It’s the bane of Web designers everywhere, and it makes most modern Websites look broken and horrible. So why are 20% of web surfers still using it?

Today was supposed to be a great day for the Web. As of March 1, 2010, Google will no longer support Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 browser-a decade-old dinosaur engineered to navigate the Web as it existed in the year 2000. Why would this be cause for celebration? Because IE6 is barely capable of navigating the modern Web and a total nightmare to build sites, services and applications for.

Google sounds death knell for IE 6

Posted by – 26/02/2010


Google is continuing its campaign to gently encourage users to upgrade from the severely out-of-date Internet Explorer 6 to a more modern web browser that properly supports web standards and features such as HTML 5 – and it’s using YouTube as its primary weapon in the fight.

As reported over on ReadWriteWeb, the advertising giant is looking to end support for Microsoft’s aging Internet Explorer 6 web browser – the default browser in Windows XP, replaced by Internet Explorer 7 in Vista – and hopes to encourage users to upgrade via a nag screen.

Adobe confirms no Flash in Windows Mobile 7

Posted by – 15/02/2010


Look, it’s pretty clear that Windows Mobile 7 will be revealed by Microsoft at Mobile World Congress. We’ve been feeding on a veritable feast of WinMo7 rumors for several months now all pointing to Steve Ballmer’s keynote scheduled for 3PM Barcelona time (9AM in New York). Now Adobe has issued a statement apparently confirming what we’ve already heard: Windows Mobile 7 will not support Flash. Unfortunately, the actual quote carried by Phone Scoop doesn’t mention Windows Phone 7:

Increase your internet speed with Namebench

Posted by – 05/02/2010


NameBench is a program that searches for the fastest DNS in your area. After the program is finished searching and comparing between DNS it will give you the results including the fastest and nearest DNS in your area. After that all you have to do is edit your connection settings to use the fastest DNS available.

NameBench is available for Windows and Mac systems, but most importantly it is Linux compatible.

Prepare your system

Install the following package

sudo apt-get install python-tk

Now you need to download the .tgz file from here