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Libel laws silenced me, says Francisco Lacerda, critic of lie detector system

Posted by – 12/03/2010


England’s libel laws have been used to silence scientific critics of lie detection technology on which the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has spent £2.4 million.

An academic from Sweden will tell MPs today how a paper challenging the principles behind the voice risk analysis (VRA) system was withdrawn by his publisher after legal threats from its manufacturer.

In an interview with The Times before a House of Commons seminar on his case, Francisco Lacerda, professor of phonetics at Stockholm University, said that the case showed how English law was damaging science abroad as well as in the UK.

Russian police ‘used drivers as human shield’

Posted by – 10/03/2010


The incident happened on a major Moscow motorway

Russia has launched a criminal inquiry following claims that traffic police used civilian motorists as a “human shield” to stop suspected criminals.

Several drivers were reportedly ordered to use their cars to form a barrier on a major Moscow motorway last Friday.

A vehicle driven by the suspected robbers smashed through the blockade minutes later and kept going. No-one was hurt but several cars were damaged.

The traffic police commander in charge has already been sacked.

Human-flesh search engines in China: China’s Cyberposse

Posted by – 07/03/2010


The short video made its way around China’s Web in early 2006, passed on through file sharing and recommended in chat rooms. It opens with a middle-aged Asian woman dressed in a leopard-print blouse, knee-length black skirt, stockings and silver stilettos standing next to a riverbank. She smiles, holding a small brown and white kitten in her hands. She gently places the cat on the tiled pavement and proceeds to stomp it to death with the sharp point of her high heel.

A speech by Geert Wilders

Posted by – 23/02/2010

Huddersfield shopkeeper killed by teenage robbers

Posted by – 21/02/2010


The robbers escaped after a struggle with passers-by in the shop doorway

A shopkeeper has been killed in a robbery by a gang of teenagers at his store in Huddersfield.

Gurmail Singh, 63, suffered a head injury during the attack at Cowcliffe Convenience Store in Cowcliffe Hill Road, Cowcliffe, on Saturday night.

He died at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary in the early hours of the morning.

Detectives say the robbers, who were aged in their late teens, fled after a struggle with passers-by who had tried to stop them leaving the shop.

The Secret World of Private BitTorrent Trackers

Posted by – 20/02/2010


Somewhere on the web is the ultimate music site. It has virtually every album, EP and single ever released in a variety of high-quality formats with insanely fast download speeds. You’re probably not allowed in.

The Pirate Bay is dead. So is TorrentSpy, MiniNova, Suprnova and many other public BitTorrent trackers. But the most savvy and obsessive file hoarders don’t care about that stuff; they wouldn’t be caught dead using public trackers.

Whistleblower Nurse Acquitted

Posted by – 12/02/2010


The West Texas nurse who went on trial this past Monday for reporting a doctor to the state board was found not guilty after just an hour of deliberation, reports the New York Times.

The jurors who spoke to the Times after the case said it seemed pretty cut and dried to them.

Now the nurse’s lawyers are focusing on their civil lawsuit against the county, the sheriff, the county attorney–who is described in the article as the surgeon’s personal attorney as well–and the hospital administrator who fired the nurse for going over his head.

Nurse to Stand Trial for Reporting Doctor

Posted by – 09/02/2010


It occurred to Anne Mitchell as she was writing the letter that she might lose her job, which is why she chose not to sign it. But it was beyond her conception that she would be indicted and threatened with 10 years in prison for doing what she knew a nurse must: inform state regulators that a doctor at her rural hospital was practicing bad medicine.

Anne Mitchell, left, and Vickilyn Galle, right, wrote the letter to regulators that drew felony charges.

Father Tortured 4-Year-Old Daughter Because She Wouldn’t Say Her ABCs

Posted by – 08/02/2010

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Protestors demonstrate the use of waterboarding in this Nov. 2007 file photo, in front of the Justice Department in Washington. Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo

An Army sergeant who served in Iraq for 15 months has been restricted to his Washington military base after being accused of waterboarding his 4-year-old daughter because she refused to recite her ABCs.

Joshua Ryan Tabor, 27, was arrested on Jan. 31 and charged with assaulting a child after police in Yelm, Wash., responded to a call of a disturbance at Tabor’s home and then later found the little girl hiding in a locked bathroom, according to Police Chief Todd Stancil.

Oh Snap: NY AG Sues EX-Bank Of America CEO For Fraud

Posted by – 05/02/2010


Andrew Cuomo has announced a lawsuit against Bank of America’s former CEO Kenneth D. Lewis, its former CFO Joseph L. Price, and the company itself, for “duping shareholders and the federal government in order to complete a merger with Merrill Lynch.” Uh oh!

According to the lawsuit, the AG alleges that Bank of America intentionally didn’t disclose massive losses at Merrill Lynch so that its shareholders would approve the merger. Once it was approved, the lawsuit alleges that the management tricked the government into “saving the deal with billions in taxpayer funds by falsely claiming that they would back out of the deal without bailout funds.”