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$200 Chrome OS Tablet by Freescale

Posted by – 09/03/2010

[via thechromesource.com]

So it does exist. I had heard that there was going to be a Chrome OS tablet at the Mobile World Congress, and sure enough we finally see in a somewhat lengthy video the folks from Freescale showing off their prototype with a 7″ screen. This was the same model that was shown at CES running Android. The cost? Around $200, running on hardware in the form factor of their model known as the i.MX51. The video shows some locally cached video playback in HTML5:

Shuttle laptops hands-on

Posted by – 09/01/2010

[via engadget.com]

Shuttle’s press announcement of its new mobile platform was accompanied by a booth’s worth of demonstration units and we went over for a quick peek. What we saw was a selection of rather conventional looking machines — certainly the new internal layout is not going to affect the way machines will look on the outside.

There was an Atom N450 netbook in among the chunkier devices, which — though they sported Shuttle branding and model names — seem to be just sample machines to entice OEMs into picking up the Shuttle design.

The HP Slate

Posted by – 07/01/2010

[via engadget.com]

Here we go — press images of the HP Slate just hit the web, right as Ballmer showed it off during his CES keynote. The prototype device is said to be coming later this year, and it’s running Windows — Ballmer showed it running the PC Kindle app. It’s also multitouch, and can do some gaming — they showed it playing Frogger.