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America’s Biggest Rip-offs

Posted by – 05/02/2010

[via cnn.com]

Are you infuriated every time you open your cell phone bill? Livid when you buy a snack at the movies? These are nine of the rawest deals around.

Text messages – 6,500% markup

Text messages are short, quick and cheap to transmit. So why are they adding so much to your wireless bill?

The messages are such a tiny piece of data that they cost carriers only about one-third of a cent to deliver, according to computer scientist Srinivasan Keshav, who testified before U.S. senators on the issue last summer.

US forces Haiti to pay for aid

Posted by – 05/02/2010

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Obama pledged $100 million dollars in aid to Haiti when the stricken countryi has $500 million debt to America. How does that make sense?

Haiti’s long troubled history actually started out as a accomplishment the world can be proud of. In 1825 Haiti was the first country to free themselves from slavery. But it came at a cost, they had to pay back the French slavers $21 billion and slowly it crippled the country. Yes, they are people overtaken by witchcraft and strange beliefs, but they were one of the richest islands of the time. With their successful sugar and rice cropsm they had always had the means to come out of poverty if the debt would’ve been dropped. But it was only a hundred years later that this happened, and by that time their economy had taken a serious knock.