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Russian police ‘used drivers as human shield’

Posted by – 10/03/2010

[via bbc.co.uk]]

The incident happened on a major Moscow motorway

Russia has launched a criminal inquiry following claims that traffic police used civilian motorists as a “human shield” to stop suspected criminals.

Several drivers were reportedly ordered to use their cars to form a barrier on a major Moscow motorway last Friday.

A vehicle driven by the suspected robbers smashed through the blockade minutes later and kept going. No-one was hurt but several cars were damaged.

The traffic police commander in charge has already been sacked.

Human-flesh search engines in China: China’s Cyberposse

Posted by – 07/03/2010

[via nytimes.com]

The short video made its way around China’s Web in early 2006, passed on through file sharing and recommended in chat rooms. It opens with a middle-aged Asian woman dressed in a leopard-print blouse, knee-length black skirt, stockings and silver stilettos standing next to a riverbank. She smiles, holding a small brown and white kitten in her hands. She gently places the cat on the tiled pavement and proceeds to stomp it to death with the sharp point of her high heel.