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The Secret World of Private BitTorrent Trackers

Posted by – 20/02/2010

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Somewhere on the web is the ultimate music site. It has virtually every album, EP and single ever released in a variety of high-quality formats with insanely fast download speeds. You’re probably not allowed in.

The Pirate Bay is dead. So is TorrentSpy, MiniNova, Suprnova and many other public BitTorrent trackers. But the most savvy and obsessive file hoarders don’t care about that stuff; they wouldn’t be caught dead using public trackers.

Nehalem Mac Pros have serious problems with audio processing

Posted by – 03/02/2010

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The latest and greatest Nehalem-based Xeon Mac Pros are the fastest Apple computers you can buy. Unfortunately, they seem to have a serious problem when processing audio, a task that sucks 20% of its power while making the processors overheat.

According to Ars Technica, the problem—which happens with Early 2009 and Late 2009 models—doesn’t only happen while playing iTunes’ music or Quicktime videos, but also whenever you have USB or FireWire audio devices connected and working. Users have been reporting about it in support boards, but Apple has ignored the problem so far.