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Dell Aero is ‘the lightest’ Android phone yet, poses for pictures

Posted by – 23/03/2010

[via engadget.com]

AT&T’s teaser site for the Dell Aero has gone live and we can now fill in a few more gaps in our knowledge about this forthcoming handset. It’s looking every bit the renamed Mini 3 we thought it was, so click here and here to get a closer look at the body of the device.

The official web mouthpiece confirms a 3.5-inch screen with nHD resolution — which may or may not signify the same 640 x 360 as on the Brazilian and Chinese versions — and one definite point of departure, a 5 (rather than 3) megapixel camera on the back.

Eternal Code is now mobile-internet compatible!

Posted by – 09/03/2010

How this site should look in a mobile browser (Opera Mini is demonstrated here).

Thanks to Crowd Favorite and Carrington Mobile, Eternal Code is now mobile-device compatible.

Adobe confirms no Flash in Windows Mobile 7

Posted by – 15/02/2010

[via engadget.com]

Look, it’s pretty clear that Windows Mobile 7 will be revealed by Microsoft at Mobile World Congress. We’ve been feeding on a veritable feast of WinMo7 rumors for several months now all pointing to Steve Ballmer’s keynote scheduled for 3PM Barcelona time (9AM in New York). Now Adobe has issued a statement apparently confirming what we’ve already heard: Windows Mobile 7 will not support Flash. Unfortunately, the actual quote carried by Phone Scoop doesn’t mention Windows Phone 7:

Save Serious Money On Your Cell Phone Bill By Making One Phone Call

Posted by – 05/02/2010

[via consumerist.com]

Theresa had a contract with Helio/Virgin Mobile that ended this month, putting her in a position to negotiate. She writes that by comparison shopping and politely asking for the customer retention department, she and her girlfriend were able to knock $35 per month off the bill for their family plan. Here’s how she did it.

Just thought I’d share a success story about the power of being a smart, polite, well-informed consumer!

What’s In Windows Mobile 6.5.3

Posted by – 04/02/2010

[via gizmodo.com]

The first and only time I saw Windows Mobile 6.5.3 in action, it was a grim scene. But according to Mary Jo Foley, the OS, which is now shipping on a single device, it’s more than a questionable makeover.

6.5.3′s changes fall into two categories: the UI updates, which are piecemeal changes to 6.5 standard, and the platform updates, which fix some—some—of 6.5.x’s core shortcomings. Here’s the full list:

Ease of Use features