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Hacked off with Murdoch

Posted by – 12/04/2011

[via avaaz.org]

At last, News Corporation has admitted illegally hacking the phones of celebrities and politicians. It’s a scandal that’s rocking the nation — and it could become the tipping point, the moment when Britain stands up and stops Rupert Murdoch.

Scarcely a month after Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he’d allow Murdoch to take over BSkyB, Murdoch’s people have been caught red-handed. Politicians from across the spectrum are now calling for the takeover to be suspended until a public inquiry shows the full extent of News Corporation’s privacy invasion and law-breaking.

HTC Says They’re Shipping My New Nexus One: I Don’t Believe Them Anymore

Posted by – 05/02/2010

[via consumerist.com]

The launch and early customer support of the Google’s Nexus One phone, manufactured by HTC, has been a bit problematic. But let’s try some optimism! Maybe now that the early hype has died down and HTC has had some time to get used to the situation, warranty replacements will take place in a timely fashion! Or…well, as reader Michael writes, evidently not.

Update: Thanks to this post, Michael’s new phone is on its way.

Save Serious Money On Your Cell Phone Bill By Making One Phone Call

Posted by – 05/02/2010

[via consumerist.com]

Theresa had a contract with Helio/Virgin Mobile that ended this month, putting her in a position to negotiate. She writes that by comparison shopping and politely asking for the customer retention department, she and her girlfriend were able to knock $35 per month off the bill for their family plan. Here’s how she did it.

Just thought I’d share a success story about the power of being a smart, polite, well-informed consumer!

Archos Phone Tablet Coming Soon

Posted by – 17/01/2010

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After the rumor has circulated that Archos is developing a smartphone with an Android OS, we pretty much have forgotten about it. But the ArchosPhone is real and it will most definitely come. Sure, Archos has no phone to show us at CES and sure enough this Android device will only be one in many such devices in the future but at least Archos will have tried and even if Archos fails to make a dent in the smartphone market, the French company will have the competitive experience to make it in a world where every portable device can make calls or every phone can do anything any portable device can. Convergence.

Google’s Nexus One Costs $174.15

Posted by – 09/01/2010

Google Nexus One Carries $174.15 Materials Cost, iSuppli Teardown Reveals El Segundo, Calif., January 8, 2010-With its new Nexus One, Google Inc. has taken many of the latest smart-phone innovations and combined them in a single product that manages to be both cutting edge and cost competitive, according to a teardown conducted by iSuppli Corp.The Nexus One, sold with the Google brand name but manufactured by HTC Corp., carries a Bill Of Materials (BOM) of $174.15, based on a preliminary estimate from iSuppli’s Teardown Analysis Team. This total comprises only hardware and component costs for the Nexus One itself and does not take into consideration other expenses such as manufacturing, software, box contents, accessories and royalties.