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AMD Starts Shipping 12-core and 8-core ”Magny Cours” Opteron Processors

Posted by – 23/02/2010

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AMD has started shipping its 8-core and 12-core “Magny Cours” Opteron processors for sockets G34 (2P-4P+), and C32 (1P-2P). The processors mark entry of several new technologies for AMD, such as a multi-chip module (MCM) approach towards increasing the processor’s resources without having to complicate chip design any further than improving on those of the Shanghai and Istanbul.

Nehalem Mac Pros have serious problems with audio processing

Posted by – 03/02/2010

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The latest and greatest Nehalem-based Xeon Mac Pros are the fastest Apple computers you can buy. Unfortunately, they seem to have a serious problem when processing audio, a task that sucks 20% of its power while making the processors overheat.

According to Ars Technica, the problem—which happens with Early 2009 and Late 2009 models—doesn’t only happen while playing iTunes’ music or Quicktime videos, but also whenever you have USB or FireWire audio devices connected and working. Users have been reporting about it in support boards, but Apple has ignored the problem so far.

Intel swings 25nm factory doors open for a tour de fab

Posted by – 03/02/2010

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Intel and Micron’s recent announcement that their collective superhero body, appropriately named IM Flash, is sampling 25nm flash chips has been accompanied with a whirlwind tour of their Utah production facilities for a few lucky journalists.

PC Perspective bring us the atmospheric photo above, along with some videos, as they prance about one of the most hallowed (and cleanest) environments known to gadget lovers.

Apart from the die shrink, the lads also discuss Intel’s reputed plans for a G3 SSD refresh some time “later this year” with snappier controllers onboard, which apparently was echoed by Micron who also intend to pump out faster processors with their SSD products.