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It’s not just about oil….but

Posted by – 26/02/2011

[via llewblog.squarespace.com, originally written by Robert Llewellyn]

As we all know, the slightest slip up or misinterpretation on the Twitters can lead to some serious upset. I have made many twitter boo boo’s but in my top ten all time stinkers was a mention on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 massacre of the link between the attack and our dependence on oil.

This really upset people, I got a lot of very angry tweets, yet again surprising myself with my naivety and possibly stupidity. Many American’s admonished me for daring to make a connection. ‘It had nothing to do with oil, it was to do with terrorism and religion.’

Osborne unveils new plan to regenerate sterling

Posted by – 26/06/2010

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Facing criticism that the proposed VAT rise could damage high street spending, Chancellor George Osborne has announced plans to “sex up” the economy with a newly-designed one pound coin.

In a speech delivered to the House of Commons, he declared that the coin “symbolises the need for a sensual relationship with money, something we lost under the previous Labour government.” He went on to argue that consumers have “shrivelled in fear” during the recession, and that the new coin will promote “a renewed sense of pride.”

LEGO dumped Brown – and apologised

Posted by – 05/05/2010

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LEGOLAND in Britain let Clegg and Cameron chuck Brown out of 10 Downing Street.

LEGO has apologised for a somewhat premature staging of Prime Minister Gordon Brown being evicted from 10 Downing Street by Messrs. Cameron and Clegg.

Irrespective of the outcome of tomorrow’s UK election, the company, which privately staged the ‘event’ at LEGOLAND Windsor for a Press Association photographer, says it should not have done so.

The People vs Murdoch

Posted by – 02/05/2010

In just a few days, Britain could elect an unprecedented coalition with a mandate for urgently-needed reform and the support of most voters – it’s democracy in action!

But a few partisan hacks want to hang onto politics as usual — and some of them own powerful tabloids. Hacks like billionaire Rupert Murdoch, whose Sun is pushing nasty hysteria about coalition government threatening Biblical disasters — working to ensure that Murdoch, not we voters, is the “kingmaker” in our country.

Libel laws silenced me, says Francisco Lacerda, critic of lie detector system

Posted by – 12/03/2010

[via timesonline.co.uk]

England’s libel laws have been used to silence scientific critics of lie detection technology on which the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has spent £2.4 million.

An academic from Sweden will tell MPs today how a paper challenging the principles behind the voice risk analysis (VRA) system was withdrawn by his publisher after legal threats from its manufacturer.

In an interview with The Times before a House of Commons seminar on his case, Francisco Lacerda, professor of phonetics at Stockholm University, said that the case showed how English law was damaging science abroad as well as in the UK.

Business calls for urgent action on “oil crunch” threat to UK economy

Posted by – 04/03/2010

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  • Taskforce warns Britain is unprepared for significant risk to companies and consumers
  • Poorest to be hit hardest by price rises for travel, food, heating and consumer goods
  • New policies must be priority for whoever wins the General Election
  • Recommended packages include legislation, new technologies and behaviour-change incentives
  • Fundamental change in demand patterns triggered by emerging economy countries

Man Behind ZX80 Inventor Doesn’t Use Any Computer

Posted by – 01/03/2010

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Sir Clive Sinclair, the man who is credited for single-handedly introducing the first affordable home computer in the UK, cannot be bothered to use one of these device these days.

In an interview with the Observer to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the legendary Sinclair ZX80, its creator admitted that it was down to sheer laziness as he has people who read his emails and reply to them.

He also admits that he find emails particularly annoying and would prefer to people to phone him if they want to communicate with him before adding that he just doesn’t want to be distracted by the whole process.