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Microsoft plans antipiracy update for Windows 7

Posted by – 10/03/2010

[via cnet.com]

An optional update to Windows closes a number of hacks that counterfeiters have used to bypass the product activation technologies built into Windows 7. With the update, Windows will try to restore Windows to its proper state, as well as marking tampered versions as non-genuine copies of the operating system.

Microsoft said on Thursday that it is planning an update to Windows 7 that will close a number of loopholes that counterfeiters had used to thwart the operating system’s built-in anti-piracy measures.

Inside the Excruciatingly Slow Death of Internet Explorer 6

Posted by – 02/03/2010

[via gizmodo.com]

It’s the bane of Web designers everywhere, and it makes most modern Websites look broken and horrible. So why are 20% of web surfers still using it?

Today was supposed to be a great day for the Web. As of March 1, 2010, Google will no longer support Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 browser-a decade-old dinosaur engineered to navigate the Web as it existed in the year 2000. Why would this be cause for celebration? Because IE6 is barely capable of navigating the modern Web and a total nightmare to build sites, services and applications for.

Adobe confirms no Flash in Windows Mobile 7

Posted by – 15/02/2010

[via engadget.com]

Look, it’s pretty clear that Windows Mobile 7 will be revealed by Microsoft at Mobile World Congress. We’ve been feeding on a veritable feast of WinMo7 rumors for several months now all pointing to Steve Ballmer’s keynote scheduled for 3PM Barcelona time (9AM in New York). Now Adobe has issued a statement apparently confirming what we’ve already heard: Windows Mobile 7 will not support Flash. Unfortunately, the actual quote carried by Phone Scoop doesn’t mention Windows Phone 7:

Increase your internet speed with Namebench

Posted by – 05/02/2010

[via ubuntugeek.com]

NameBench is a program that searches for the fastest DNS in your area. After the program is finished searching and comparing between DNS it will give you the results including the fastest and nearest DNS in your area. After that all you have to do is edit your connection settings to use the fastest DNS available.

NameBench is available for Windows and Mac systems, but most importantly it is Linux compatible.

Prepare your system

Install the following package

sudo apt-get install python-tk

Now you need to download the .tgz file from here

What’s In Windows Mobile 6.5.3

Posted by – 04/02/2010

[via gizmodo.com]

The first and only time I saw Windows Mobile 6.5.3 in action, it was a grim scene. But according to Mary Jo Foley, the OS, which is now shipping on a single device, it’s more than a questionable makeover.

6.5.3′s changes fall into two categories: the UI updates, which are piecemeal changes to 6.5 standard, and the platform updates, which fix some—some—of 6.5.x’s core shortcomings. Here’s the full list:

Ease of Use features

Hotmail attack deletes contacts and emails

Posted by – 03/02/2010

[via bit-tech.net]

The attack against Hotmail results in outgoing spam and the loss of all contacts and most sent e-mail.

Reports are circulating the web of a Hotmail crack resulting in the loss of saved e-mails and users’ entire contacts list, along with spam being sent out from the affected accounts.

Following a tip-off from Spotibot developer Andy Smith – who has first-hand experience of the phenomenon, having provided support to a family member affected by the crack – evidence of a co-ordinated attack against Hotmail users which aims to take over accounts and use them to send out spam for Chinese-based electronics websites has been uncovered.

Google to pay for Chrome bugs

Posted by – 01/02/2010

[via bit-tech.net]

Google is to pay up to $1,337 for each confirmed vulnerability in Chrome or Chromium - although it's first come, first served.

Google has begun paying for software vulnerabilities in its Chromium project – the open-source version of its Chrome browser – in an attempt to interest security researchers.

According to a post on the official Chromium blog – via PC World – the advertising giant is looking to pay $500 (£313) per confirmed vulnerability found in the Chromium codebase, as used in the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux and also in the still-early Linux-based Chrome OS.

Bill Gates now on Twitter

Posted by – 20/01/2010

[via gizmodo.com]

So far he’s shown a good grasp of Twitter etiquette in his five tweets, replying to ‘slebs Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Seacrest; retweeting successfully twice, and even has a spiffy background wallpaper and profile pic.


How to enable Windows 7 God Mode

Posted by – 08/01/2010

[via bit-tech.net]

Did you know Windows 7 has a God mode?

It sounds cooler than it is in reality – you’re not invulnerable to BSODs, and the system doesn’t play One of Us when it starts up.

That said, it’s not completely useless either – it gives you a shortcut to all the options in Control Panel and allows you to easily get to usually buried controls.

To enable God Mode, you must first grow a big white beard. Then:

Create a new folder, and call it: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}